To sew ONE WorldWideBlanket – Berlin 14th of June 2015

14.06.2015 BERLIN UmweltfestivalWe will be present at the UMWELTFESTIVAL near BRANDENBURGER TOR and SOWJETISCHES EHRENDENKMAL on Sunday the 14th of June to sew all the sheets together to ONE WorldWideBlanket – our artistic catalogue on “living sustainably” on sheets. It seems that it will be longer than 250 meters!
Thank you all for joining us in this creative process and be here with us as well in the next rounds of EXHIBITING and DOCUMENTING the WorldWideBlanket.

photos of Luisenfest

26.05.2013 Luisenfest in Weiterstadt

A Rokokofestival inside the Braunshardter Castle park

A caravan of sheets throught Darmstadt

The laundry service WEISS TEX delivered wornout sheets to the local Alice-Hospital. The 2 containers were transferred to our improvised dromedars and so we managed to bring them per pedes et rotas to the Cowo21 – Coworking Space Darmstadt.

Photos of our KickOff in Aschaffenburg #wwbAB

27/04/2013 Aschaffenburg (with a little bit of rain)
Here goes our KickOff and I guess we are very lucky since already 12 sheets got painted and some others started. New OpenEvents in Aschaffenburg were initiated and even some sustainable projects like planting trees were financed!

INVITATION to the KickOff

27.04.13 in Aschaffenburg

Our KickOff will take place at the finissage of the exhibition A Walk Through Time … from Stardust to us and parallel to the fish market.

The city mayor Klaus Herzog will open the event and Klemens Gieles will introduce the WorldWideBlanket.

Besides talks there will be some artistic presentations who will accompany the filling of the sheets:
– Friedenstrommlern
– Künstler Roger – new art studio
– Leonie Kapperer mit Kinderkünstlern
– Märchentheater Hilde Stapf
… und wahrscheinlich noch einiges mehr.

The local broadcasting station Radio Klangbrett will capture your ideas.
OB Klaus Herzog für WorldWideBlanket

ignite-talk SIMPLY CONNECT

Jula-Kim Sieber speaks about international projects between human beings at the webmontag frankfurt. To explain how useful the internet is in creating horizontally structured spaces she refers to 3 projects:
01 the SCARAB SCHOOL and the MOBILE DEVICE for the desert by ar2com
02 PoolPlay starting on 2:06 mins
03 the WorldWideBlanket – living sustainable. starting on 3:33 mins

The talk is in German:

simply connect – internationale Projekte zwischen Menschen from wmfra.

simply connect at wmfra No. 47

08th of april 2013 @Brotfabrik, Frankfurt

Each second monday the webmontag frankfurt team organizes a flashing event with talks for networking in the RheinMainArea #rheinmainrocks. On the 8th of April Jula-Kim Sieber held an ignite talk on “simply connect – internationale projekte zwischen menschen” where she pointed out how internet helps us to execute extraordinary projects. And so she named 3:
01 The Scarab School with the Mobile Device for the Desert by the architecture studio ar2com
02 The Summer Academy PoolPlay with artistic research on SPACE and TIME
03 the WorldWideBlanket – living sustainably = an artistic catalogue on sheets with sustainable ideas, projects and messages.